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Our Vision

To utilize various avenues of creative expression to advocate for change. Avenues include writing, photography, apparel, creative design, and community building. We want the world to see through a unified lens, and not one that further separates us. Will there be difficulty? YES! Is it impossible? Only when we refuse to SEE and LISTEN to each other…  


Our Core Values

  • Unity – We consistently seek opportunities to promote togetherness. The best machines work best.

  • Community – We work with purpose to advocate for fellowship. It’s when we to learn each other’s attitudes, interests, and goals that we fail to obtain such communion.

  • Justice – Freedom is one thing, but . How much less are we as people, if we only fight for what comes easy?

  • Love – Because it’s breathtaking to say the least! If you have it, you should feel blessed. If you have been deprived of it, . It doesn’t matter if its self-love, or some form of companionship…love always wins! Love over hate!


  • Diversity – Because all of our differing backgrounds, educations, ideas, fears, thoughts, feelings, ethnicities, goals, screams, tears, and stories play a part! Not one is greater than the other


  • Creativity – Because without our individual voices, we would all just scream…

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