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Author. Founder. Creator

Nneka J. Howell (Lady Poet) was born in May of 1990. Although originally raised on the East side of Chicago, she spent a large amount of time on the south side and the surrounding suburbs. With passionate experience in writing short stories, and poetry for over twenty five years, she has become one of the most influential women of her generation. In May of 2012, she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois with distinction and honors in the department of Communication. Nneka obtained her Masters in Public Administration on May of 2014. She is also the author of "A Poet’s Heart" , "Real Women Get Their Hands Dirty", and "Hidden Candor". For her, writing is not a hobby, but a lifestyle. Time and time again, she uses her writing to change lives, advocate for change, empower, and acknowledge social issues in which many often silence. In 2014, Nneka became the founder of Ink'd Xpressions; a community-focused organization that "speaks life" via different methods of creativity. 


A Vision Worth the Mission


"The mission within my purpose and role as an author is to increase positive outcomes amongst today's multi-layers of society, while encouraging growth and creating opportunities. When leadership is inserted through the form of literature, there is no greater art or peace that is birthed. Writing is a lifestyle for me and I choose to use it to empower others. Be clear, tomorrow is not promised, and we must step out on faith and be more than numbers. Together, we can change the visions of our future, by learning to love our present, and forgive our past."

- Nneka J. Howell

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