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Now Available!

Two second-graders share a special friendship and a superpower that they use together to make the world a better place—for all kids. A heartfelt new picture book combines delightful storytelling with an important message of diversity, acceptance, and friendship; a perfect offering in today’s landscape.

Childrens Picture Book (Ages 6-11)

Paperback & E-Book: 96 Pages


Previous Works

Hidden Candor.jpg

There comes a time in our lives when we must acknowledge the uncertain and dance with possibility. Behind the beautiful truths, somewhere a picture is painted. Yet, aren’t we all artists to our own destinies? Do we not influence our individual crossroads and dead ends? And at what cost do we realize that our mistakes have betrayed us silently? Prepare to take the chance and not the risk. It is time to analyze your own insecurities, threats, and challenges. Compare yourself not to the world, but to failure. Behind the words of this cover are messages that invite the uninvited, while surrendering to the inferior. In other words, what are the hidden truths behind your mask? Who is actually the person reflected in the mirror? Hidden Candor is not a collection of poetry that will serve as a pride booster. Instead, it is a distraction that will steal your heart, release your soul, and run with it.

Paperback: 316 pages

A Poet's Heart.jpg

This book is not just sheets of paper combined with words. It is a force of creativity, pain, and laughter. This book defines different, but real life situations in which individuals go through daily. Sometimes we never know what we have until it is tested. Explore the realms of poetry.

Paperback: 234 pages

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